Wealth Management

Our promise Superior investment advice and solutions for your wealth

Today‘s investment environment is more complex and unpredictable than ever before. Many investors lack the sound advice they need to meet their financial objectives.

At UBS, we link up the knowledge of professional investment specialists and client advisors in a systematic process that enables us to identify your goals and help you keep pace with rapid market developments.

The result: advice and solutions tailored to your personal needs to help you protect and grow your wealth.

The Wealth Management Process 

You share with us your long-term financial goals. You also tell us about your needs and special preferences, and your attitude to risk. This helps us come up with investment strategies to protect and grow your wealth through each stage of your life. 

You enjoy the benefit of accessing some of the finest investment insights. UBS has a network of more than 900 economists, analysts and investment experts around the world. All of them are dedicated to analyzing and understanding different markets and asset classes. So that we stay on top of market changes to serve you better. 

You get a transparent picture of UBS’s stand on markets and asset classes, thanks to the UBS House View. This UBS House View builds on the best of our research and recommendations from our global experts’ network to provide clear and consistent positions. Also, external experts regularly review our assessment bringing in outside objectivity. 

You find the UBS House View strongly embedded in our investment strategy and asset allocation recommendations. The strategic asset allocation, where you invest in different asset classes according to your goals, reflects the UBS House View for the medium to long term. This is often supported by a tactical asset allocation, which helps you take advantage of short-term market opportunities. 

You can benefit from our expertise in two ways. With a UBS Investment Mandate, you let UBS experts handle the everyday management of your portfolio. You can change your preferences, strategy and investment amount. At any time. With a UBS Advisory Mandate, you make your own investment decisions. With the added benefit of UBS’s advice. And our global network and research expertise. 

You can rely on us to help you stay on track to meet your goals. We consistently monitor your portfolio to identify any deviation from these goals. We also assess your portfolio quality regularly in terms of asset allocation, risks and other important indicators. 

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