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UBS Brazil Broker Dealer The market leader

Excellence, client focus and sustainable performance drive our services to foreign and domestic institutional clients.

UBS Brazil Broker Dealer has its roots in the acquisition of Link Investimentos and combines the experience and leadership developed by Link in the Brazilian market with UBS's global strength and capabilities.

A combination of professionals, state-of-the-art technology, consistently top ranked research, business flow and distribution capabilities makes UBS Brazil Broker Dealer one of the top broker-dealers in the Brazilian market and a leader in exchange traded fixed income and exchange traded commodities products.

Our professionals handle your orders, including transaction structuring, with our leading-edge technology.

We maintain capabilities in:

  • Dollar, Other currencies, Interest Rate (DI), Rate Coupons and Future Treasury
  • Bovespa Index and Commodities
  • Futures and options screens, Coffee, Sugar, Ethanol, Live Cattle, Corn and Soybeans
  • Agribusiness Securities
  • Dollar, Bovespa Index, Interest rates, Commodities and Flexibles 
  • Swap, Federal Government Bonds (Sovereign Gilts) and Private Bonds 
  • Cash equities, Options, Securities Lending, Equities Index and S&P Future
  • Future index of cash equities, IPOs and “Follow-ons”

Key advantages

UBS Brazil Broker Dealer is the market leader in exchange traded fixed income and exchange traded commodities products

Our superior service is supported by our:

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