Corporate and institutions

Company credit card Save time and effort when submitting expenses 

Simplify the expenses and travel management system at your company. With a company credit card, cash payments and expense advances are a thing of the past.

Business Card Basic

The company credit card is ideal for SMEs that require up to five cards in Swiss francs. It also includes insurance coverage on business travel, upon request.

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Visa Corporate Card

The company credit card for medium-sized and large businesses that require more than five cards. Includes comprehensive insurance coverage. Available in Swiss francs, euro and US dollars

Product information and prices

Applying for a company credit card

If you are an existing UBS client, you can apply for new or additional credit cards immediately. You can fill out the application online on our desktop website, print it out and send it to us.
If you are a new client, we would be more than happy to provide you with advice. Contact us.