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Mastercard Business Card for small businesses with big ambitions

The Business Card simplifies the management of your expenses. What’s more, this company credit card increases transparency and can also offer insurance cover for business trips if required.

Business Card at a glance

  • Maximum transparency on your employees' expenses at all times
  • Flexible invoicing system
  • Save on the annual card fee through the spending bonus program
  • Clear separation of private and business spending for business owners

Services and conditions

Number of cards per main account: Unlimited

Spending limit (monthly minimum limit; set individually for each card): CHF 2,000

Worldwide cash withdrawals: PIN code (authorization for cash withdrawals can be set individually for each card)


  • Monthly billing
  • Group invoicing with individual statements and individual invoices
  • Payment by direct debit or payment slip
  • 24-hour customer service: for card blocking and assistance abroad
  • Online portals
  • Spending bonus program
  • Discounts

UBS Basic Insurance Plus (travel and flight accident insurance, plus other insurance including travel delays, baggage delays/loss, replacement of documents, and medical emergencies)

  • Main account maintenance free of charge
  • Annual card fee: free in the first year; thereafter CHF 70
  • Worldwide cash withdrawals: Commission 4%, minimum CHF 10 per withdrawal
  • Lottery (excluding Swisslos/Loterie Romande), betting, and casino winnings (gambling): 4%, maximum charged per transaction CHF 100
  • Transactions in foreign currencies: 1.5% processing fee
  • CHF transactions abroad: 1.5% processing fee
  • UBS Basic Insurance Plus insurance package (optional): CHF 25 per year
    (insurance cover applies if journey was paid for with a Business Card)
  • Additional embossing (company name): free of charge

You can find full information on fees and insurance benefits in the Factsheet.

Apply for a Business Card

As an existing UBS client, you can apply for the Business Card directly. If you are a new client, simply request an advisory consultation. If you have any questions please contact us.