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Harmonization of payment transactions The standard for Swiss payment transactions is ISO 20022

By 2020, Swiss payment transaction processes will be digitalized – and simplified. You should switch your company to the new standard in good time. Please note, the video is in German.

Here's how you switch to ISO 20022

By mid-2018, the DTA process will be replaced by ISO 20022. In concrete terms, this means you’ll need to switch your software until June 30, 2018.

When switching to ISO 20022, which software your company will be using is crucial.

  • Contact your software partner and ask about their implementation plan.
  • Plan and budget your update.
  • Carry out the necessary configuration (e.g. bank details, account number, relationship number).
  • Put your IT managers and/or your external software partners in charge of adjusting to ISO 20022.
  • Plan implementation and testing.

Have you already switched your software to ISO 20022? Test out the new functionalities immediately.

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