Custody account The foundation for your investments

The custody account is the basis for your investments. You can use your custody account to buy and sell shares, investment funds, bonds, or precious metals.

Sound advice

Would you like to invest in securities or precious metals? We’ll be happy to help you open a custody account and advise you on investing your money. Please contact us.

The custody account in detail

The UBS custody account is the safest way to keep and manage your securities and precious metals.

With a custody account, we handle the following tasks for you:

  • Safekeeping of securities and precious metals
  • Securities collection and securities maturity crediting
  • Redemption of coupons
  • Capital transactions, such as capital increases
  • Tax reimbursement claims (optional)
  • Tax statement with tax rates (optional)

You also automatically receive a detailed statement of assets at the end of the year. This lists all the assets with their current rates and values.

Fees for the custody account are based on the account's value. Please see the fee overview for detailed information.

The ABCs of investing

Find out how to make more out of your money. In "The ABCs of investing" we explain the basic rules of investing and offer practical tips and suggestions for growing your assets.