Investment fund account Grow your assets step by step

With an investment fund account you can systematically build up assets – to reach your own goals and dreams, or to set money aside for your child, grandchild, or godchild's future.

Sound advice

To find the right investment strategy for you, we need to understand your financial situation and appetite for risk. We do this by drawing up your personal investment profile.

The investment fund account in detail

The investment fund account combines the advantages of a savings account with those of an investment. Investment funds let you profit from financial market growth and benefit from higher earnings potential over the long term than with a savings account.

You decide how much you want to pay in to the investment fund account. As soon as the balance of your investment fund account exceeds CHF 250, it is invested in your chosen funds. The threshold for children, young adults and students is CHF 100. If the account balance is lower, favorable interest rates are paid on your money.

Take a tip from us: make regular payments into your investment fund account using a standing order. This raises your chances of a lower average cost price, and increases your long-term returns.

We offer a wide range of UBS investment funds with different potential yields. Higher potential goes hand in hand with greater fluctuations in value. That’s why it’s important that we fully understand your financial situation and your goals, as well as your willingness to take risks. During a personal consultation, we’ll establish your personal investment profile and set out the right investment strategy for you.

The growth plan lets you systematically build up assets according to your needs and preferences. Your money is automatically invested in your chosen UBS investment funds.

With the redemption plan, you regularly withdraw a certain amount from the money you‘ve invested. These disbursements supplement your income without you having to worry about selling fund units. This is particularly interesting when you stop working.

Account currencies: CHF, EUR, USD

Options: Growth plan or redemption plan

Deposits: Regular

Disbursements: Up to 80%, any time

Interest rate: Preferential interest rate on the amount not invested in funds

Fees: Administration fee, issuing commission and third-party expenses and fees; preferential terms for young bank clients and young professionals; separate statements for each investment

Statements: Free annual tax statements

The ABCs of investing

Find out how to make more out of your money. In "The ABCs of investing" we explain the basic rules of investing and offer practical tips and suggestions for growing your assets.

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Investment calculator

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