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Investing is a personal thing – and often involves emotions. That's fine if you can also rely on the objective recommendations and professional know-how of our investment experts. This helps you achieve the best-possible investment results.

Sound advice

Do you have any questions about investing? We'll be glad to put our professional knowledge to work for you and give you all the advice you need.

The three pillars of investment success

If you'd like to invest money over the long term, we recommend that you bear in mind the following three factors: analysis, strategy and discipline.

You can also rely on our investment advisors' know-how. During a personal consultation, we'll analyze your financial situation, help you decide on an investment strategy, and then implement it in a disciplined way.

UBS has hundreds of economists and investment specialists around the world observing the financial markets – day by day and around the clock.

Our experts regularly produce analyses of various markets and asset classes. This data flows into the UBS House View – our investment policy – which forms the basis for our investment advice. This lets us assess potential risks objectively and spot market opportunities early on. After all, successful investing depends on evidence-based and rational decision-making.

Our "UBS Invest" publication keeps you up to date on current events on the financial markets. It contains:

  • A review of market events
  • Forecasts for future market developments and corresponding recommendations
  • Specialist articles and interviews with investment experts
  • Product recommendations

UBS Invest is published monthly, and is available at our branches.

Designing an investment strategy means developing a tailor-made solution. It won't be right for you unless it reflects your capacity, needs and objectives.

That's why the personal consultation is all about you and what matters to you:

  • What is your financial situation?
  • What returns do you expect?
  • How ready are you to take risks?
  • What do you want to achieve in the long term? And in the short term?

We'll take your answers to these and other questions and use them to work out your personal investment profile and a strategy to match.

When investing, you need to plan for the long term and look to the future. There's no place for spontaneous actions or decisions based on emotion.

Our investment experts take exactly this long-term view. Based on your investment strategy, we work with you to build a wide-ranging portfolio with the right mix of equities, bonds and on request, alternative investments for you.

But even the best investment strategy needs to be consistently applied to really work. We are here to help you.

The ABCs of investing

In "The ABCs of investing" we explain the golden rules of investing and the different investment types and strategies. You can get the guide free of charge by post or e-mail.

Investment calculator

How long will it take to reach your financial goal? Find out fast with our investment calculator.