Strategy funds A solid foundation for growing your assets

With UBS Strategy Funds, you‘re banking on bonds and equities. The funds are highly diversified across different investment categories, regions and currencies.

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Finding the right investment solution from the multitude of funds isn't easy. We'll be happy to help by working out a customized individual solution for you.

UBS Strategy Funds explained

UBS Strategy Funds in detail

With UBS Strategy Funds, we offer the right solution for every need and every investment strategy.

The funds on offer range from funds consisting of 100% fixed-interest securities for cautious investors, to funds with a high equity portion for growth-oriented investors. Between these types are intermediate options to suit any investor profile.

Strategy Funds

Choose UBS Strategy Funds and you're opting for traditional investments. You invest in bonds and equities - and nothing else.

Strategy Xtra Funds

Choose UBS Strategy Xtra Funds and you're putting your money into bonds and equities, with a portion also invested in hedge funds to round out your portfolio.

Suisse Funds

Invest in UBS Suisse Funds and you're putting your trust in Swiss values. You're mainly investing in Swiss equities, bonds and real estate.

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Performance UBS Strategy Funds

Learn from investment solutions specialist Daniel Rudis which factors have influenced performance.