Building financing More financial control for your construction project

With building financing, a construction account is set up that is used to pay the ongoing costs of your construction project. For example, payments to architects, construction companies and craftsmen.

You can choose whether to finance your project with a building loan or a mortgage.

Building loan

With a building loan, you can finance your construction project in the form of a current account. This means that we’ll grant you a variable-rate loan on your building account.

As soon as the building work has been completed, your outstanding loan will generally be paid off by being converted into a mortgage.


If you would like to use a mortgage to finance your building work, you can choose between a full mortgage paid out at the start of construction, or staggered mortgage disbursements over the course of the building period. You can select any type of mortgage you wish. Amortization won’t start until after the planned completion of construction.

Sound advice

Building loan or mortgage? The best solution depends on various factors. We’ll discuss all the options in a consultation with you and help you decide which solution suits you best.