Accounts and cards

Savings account Make more of your money

Whether you want to make a dream come true or have money in reserve for later, a savings account will help you achieve your goals.

Depending on what you're saving for and your personal circumstances, you have a choice of savings accounts available to you:

  • Savings account CHF
  • Savings account EUR

If you're already a UBS client, you can open your savings account directly in e-banking.

Savings account for young people and gift savings account

A savings account for young people gives children the benefit of higher interest rates. It's also available as a gift savings account. That means that as a parent, grandparent or godparent, you can lay the financial foundations for the child's future.

Building up assets

Alongside our savings accounts we can also offer you additional ways to save and invest. We’d be happy to advise you at one of our branches.

Your cards and accounts cost less in a banking package

With a banking package, you get cards, accounts and extras for an attractive flat fee. You also benefit from our UBS KeyClub bonus program.

To the banking packages

Opening a banking package, including a credit card, is easy with the app. You can only apply for a credit card when you have a banking package.

Open online

You can also apply for a credit card at any of our branches, where we will be pleased to serve you.

Open in a branch