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Enjoy extra benefits and services with our credit cards and debit cards.

Loading up a Mastercard® Prepaid

Pay in the same way as with a credit card – but prepaid. You can load money onto your prepaid card using any of these options:

  • E-Banking
  • Mobile Banking App
  • Payment slip
  • UBS Multimat

The simplest and quickest way to load your card is to do it in e-banking or mobile banking. 

You can also apply for the card in e-banking and set your initial balance yourself. 

3-D Secure

Stay even safer when shopping online:  3-D Secure lets you identify yourself using a personal code when making payments online. It works just as easily as paying by card and PIN code in a store.

More and more online stores use 3-D Secure as a way to protect their customers. If you haven't yet signed up to 3-D Secure, you'll be asked to do so next time you shop online.

Just follow the instructions and set a password, which will be stored by UBS. For your own security, you’ll be asked for your password whenever you shop online.  

Contactless payment

With UBS Credit Cards and Prepaid Cards, you can make contactless payments for your everyday shopping in many stores. Simply hold your card briefly against the card reader – and you've paid.

It means you don't need to hunt for coins at the checkout, or wait for your change. You also collect valuable UBS KeyClub points every time you shop.

Cards Online

You can use our Cards Online and Commercial Cards Online Portals to access information about your UBS Credit Cards and Prepaid Cards. Now you can connect to your card account and cards at all times.