Accounts and cards

Cards It's easier to pay by card

Pay without cash using your credit card, prepaid card, or debit card. You can keep a constant eye on your spending with e-banking and Mobile Banking.

Credit cards

Flexible: having a credit card lets you make payments anywhere in the world without cash – when traveling, shopping, or on the internet.

Prepaid cards

Under control: a prepaid card lets you pay in the same way as with a credit card while keeping your budget under control at all times.

Debit cards

Practical: when you have a debit card you don't need to carry as much cash. You simply pay by card or use it to get cash out of an ATM when you need it.

Credit card providers

Versatile: Visa Card and Mastercard® are accepted in more places around the world than any other credit cards. UBS gives you both for the price of one.

Card services

Good to know: find out more about card functions such as loading a prepaid card, 3-D Secure, and contactless payments.