Retirement Start thinking about tomorrow today

Enjoy a worry-free retirement. To make sure you won't have to cut back in old age, you should start thinking about your private retirement savings in good time.

In Switzerland, retirement planning is based on three pillars. The state pension - comprising old-age and survivors' insurance (AHV) and disability insurance (IV) - forms Pillar 1. This ensures a subsistence income.

Pillar 2 is the occupational pension scheme (pension fund). Pillars 1 and 2 together should provide income equivalent to about two-thirds of your final salary.

Very often, this is not enough to maintain your usual standard of living after you retire. You can close the gap with private retirement savings under Pillar 3.

Retirement planning at every stage of life

Build up your assets systematically. We offer different retirement saving options according to your stage of life and situation. We’d be glad to take the time to give you comprehensive advice.