Pillar 2 Park your pension fund assets securely

If you’re not a member of a pension fund temporarily or over the long term, your retirement savings will be in good hands with us.

The occupational pension secures your future. Your pension fund capital is safe in a vested benefits account or vested benefits custody account if you cease or pause employment - for example, due to a long stay abroad, a sabbatical, or if you become self-employed.

Pillar 2 vested benefits account

The solid investment opportunity for your retirement savings - whether as a temporary or permanent solution. You enjoy preferential terms for your occupational pension savings. 

Pillar 2 vested benefits custody account

The ideal complement to the vested benefits account: The long investment horizon offers higher earnings potential than the interest rate on vested benefits accounts. Your money is invested in UBS Vitainvest funds.

Sound advice

Retirement planning is a very complex topic. We’d be glad to answer your questions on retirement and develop a tailored solution for you.