Pillar 3a Save for your retirement and reduce taxes by paying into Pillar 3a

By paying into Pillar 3a you can save tax and build up capital for your retirement. A clever move that helps you now and in the future. 

Pillar 3a maximum contribution

Contribution limits for Pillar 3a in 2016:

  • For employees with a pension fund: up to CHF 6,768 per year
  • For employees without a pension fund: up to 20% of annual net income (maximum CHF 33,840)

Fisca account - Pillar 3a

Regular payments into your UBS Fisca account let you save for your retirement flexibly and how it suits you. You also save on tax, as the contributions are deductible from your taxable income.

If you're already a UBS client, you can open a Fisca account easily via e-banking.

Are you a new client, or not yet using USB e-banking? You can apply for a Fisca account in one of our branches. Simply make an appointment. 

Fisca custody account - Pillar 3a

The UBS Fisca custody account is the ideal complement to the UBS Fisca account. Your money is invested in UBS Vitainvest funds, which means you participate in developments on the financial markets. The long investment horizon offers higher earnings potential than the interest rate on retirement savings accounts.

Sound advice

Retirement planning is a very complex topic. We’d be glad to answer your questions on retirement and develop a tailored solution for you.

Pillar 3a investment calculator

A new UBS study shows that pillar 3a assets should be invested differently depending on age.
Have you invested correctly? The calculator helps you assess your situation and improve it.