Wealth Management

Investing Invest successfully  – good advice leads to the best possible investment solution

Investing assets correctly is a very personal matter. So it's good that you can count on the expertise of our investment specialists.

Investment advisory services

More than 900 UBS experts around the world follow developments on the markets. Use this knowledge as the basis for your investment decisions. You choose what to do, and we act on your instructions. Then we check at regular intervals that you’re still on the right track.


Rational and informed investment decisions require a systematic, objective and comprehensive analysis of the investment markets and the factors influencing them. Supporting careful evaluation of market opportunities and risks.


Every individual is different. While some are able and willing to take greater risks in order to achieve higher returns, others favor a safer and more balanced approach to investing their money. The choice of which investment strategy is best depends on you and your circumstances.


Perhaps the most crucial factor for investing successfully: exercising discipline through consistent implementation and monitoring of your chosen investment strategy.

This includes constantly building up your portfolio and splitting investments between the various asset classes in line with your individual investment strategy.

Investment solutions

Making investment decisions isn’t always easy. We’re here to help you. Our wealth management advisors will present you with specially tailored investment solutions to match your needs and requirements exactly.

Delegation solutions

If you don’t wish to take care of anything yourself, your best options are a UBS discretionary mandate or a UBS strategy fund.

These let you specify the ground rules and delegate ongoing monitoring and optimization to us. This means you benefit from our experience and discipline while retaining full control over your long-term investment strategy.

Advisory solutions

With UBS Advice, we monitor your portfolio for you and constantly check that it’s in line with your investment strategy. If there are deviations, you’ll receive proactive ideas and recommendations from our analysts. However, you take every transaction decision.

Other investment products

In addition to conventional investment vehicles like stocks and bonds, you have access to a wide range of other investment products that can help you round out your portfolio in a useful and individual way.

Sound advice

We offer an extensive range of investment services and solutions. We’d be glad to take the time to offer you a comprehensive consultation.