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The end of progress?

Throughout time, we have used progress as a marker of success. But with rapid disruption in politics and markets worldwide, are we accelerating towards the beginning of the end?


On May 7. 2016 at the Shanghai Tower, as a premier partner of TEDxShanghai 2016, UBS presented a stellar line-up of global speakers to share their perception of the beauty of "Balance" through their life stories.

Is unpredictability the new normal?

UBS Investor Watch provides an international analysis of issues affecting High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) and their plans for the future. For this edition, we interviewed more than 2,800 millionaires in seven markets around the world (Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Mexico, Italy, Switzerland and the UK) to assess how unpredictability is shaping their attitudes and actions.

Time and tide wait for no economist

Time is a finite resource – how can we distribute it fairly?

The Millionaire Castaway Who Lives Off The Clock

What is it like surviving solo on a remote island? Meet David Glasheen, the retired businessman taking time out.

How wealthy are you?

Lily Cole explores the merits of social altruism and free labour in the millennial age, using her social network as an example of a commerce-free online community based around free services and advice.

I lost my job to a robot

Will our livelihoods be threatened by unchecked AI? Or will it unlock the time to pursue personal development? Dr Danushka Bollegala examines automation in the workplace.

Digital distraction

Humanity is on the cusp of a technological revolution that will help it to win the fight against the forces of digital distraction that are robbing us of our most precious commodity – time.

The quest for eternal life: Right or wrong?

Silicon Valley is on a quest to transform us into super-humans. But are we ready to live forever?

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