Investment solutions

Fixed income

Delivering the best of our capabilities to you

A truly integrated fixed income capability, offering deep expertise across a broad range of assets and markets, combined with strong risk management and delivery via products across the full credit and maturity spectrum.

Fixed income solutions include:

  • Money market and short duration
  • Global and regional
  • Extended sector
  • Unconstrained

They encompass fixed income strategies:

  • Single-sector strategies such as government and corporate bond portfolios
  • Multi-sector strategies, including core and core plus bond
  • Extended sector strategies which cover high yield and emerging market debt
  • Opportunistic fixed income and currency strategies


  • Track record: We are a leading fixed income provider, managing more than USD 208 billion globally. 71% of our funds rank in the top two quartiles over a 5 year period (Lipper, percentage based on invested assets as at December 2015).
  • Globally integrated resources: With a dedicated team of 160 investment professionals located across the globe and trading desks in Chicago, London, New York, Singapore, Sydney and Zurich we connect global expertise with deep local knowledge to align alpha opportunities and risk exposure.
  • Unique insights: Our uniquely structured global credit research process offers you the best of our thinking from teams around the world. Our capability includes more than 25 credit analysts. We take a globally integrated approach, leveraging the links between credit and equity research.
  • Disciplined investment process: In our view, combining a top down and bottom up dynamic approach to exploit diversified sources of alpha is key to delivering consistent performance over time. Given our size we are nimble enough to add value via security selection, while still enjoying the ability to seek optimal execution in the markets.

Our fixed income investment philosophy centers around three principal tenets:

Robust research process:

  • To meet the demands of a globally integrated world, our robust research process connects our global overview with the insight of regional specialists.

Diversification of alpha sources:

  • We diversify by time horizon, and by exploiting the full opportunity set: credit beta, credit sector, choice of security, duration, yield curve, and country allocation.

Risk control

  • Risk control is an integral part of the fixed income investment process. It is not simply an adjunct.