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The importance of diversity and inclusion

Our global workforce is already diverse in many ways, and we consider this a competitive strength. At the same time, we want to further increase our diversity and ensure an inclusive workplace, because both are key to achieving our goals.

Diversity and inclusion are not just feel-good corporate buzz words. Our experience has shown that they have a positive impact on our business results:

  • Better client focus and effectiveness: Teams with diversity in age, gender, background, experience, education and other factors better understand and relate to clients' needs. 
  • High-quality employees: An inclusive work environment attracts high quality people and helps engage them over the long term.
  • Better decision-making: diversity of thought, opinion and experience makes us better at decision-making, innovation and leadership.

In 2016, we'll continue implementing our global strategy for increasing diversity and inclusion throughout the company. This will be complemented by divisional and regional initiatives that particularly focus on education, coaching and mentoring.

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