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Our employees are UBS

We're in business to serve our clients, so our employees (individually and together) are crucial to our sustained success. That's why we're committed to being a good employer, investing in our employees and continuously improving how we manage our workforce.

Our workforce at a glance1

In 2015, we had 60,099 employees (full-time equivalents/FTEs). This included Swiss apprentices on three-year limited contracts who received equivalent benefits to permanent employees.

  • An additional 2,035 FTEs were employed through third parties on short-term contracts to fill positions on an interim basis. 
  • Also, 33,181 external contractors were active at the end of 2015, primarily in technology, operations and premises-related roles, although not all would have been onsite at any one time.
  • Our employees are in Switzerland (35%), Americas (35%), Europe, Middle East and Africa (17%), Asia Pacific (13%)
  • 23,719 (38%) of our employees are women, 37,966 (62%) are men -- a total of 61,685 (on a headcount basis)
  • Switzerland is our largest cross-border importer of employees; Germany is our largest cross-border exporter
  • Our workforce spans four generations; the average age is 41 
  • The average length of employment at UBS is 9.0 years and 48% of employees in Switzerland have been here 10+ years
  • Our employees work in 897 UBS offices in 54 countries
  • They speak more than 130 languages and are citizens of 135 countries
  • 1,224 employees changed business divisions; 574 changed region in 2015

For additional details (and data) on our workforce, see the full site.