Diversity Individuals. Ideas. Inspiration. Yes, we're open.

Diversity and inclusion matter in our business. An inclusive and diverse workforce makes us better leaders and contributes to a more innovative, dynamic and, ultimately, more successful company. And, variety helps us meet the needs of our diverse client base.


We promote inclusion and encourage open dialogue to draw out everyone's opinions and perspectives. We recognize a diverse range of contributions to keep our people energetic, engaged and inspired.


We offer a modern, flexible working environment. We work where and how it's most appropriate according to individual, role and team requirements.

>150 languages

are spoken by our employees

137 countries

are represented by our employees

Meet Angela from New York

by Angela, Wealth Management, New York

Born in Zambia, Angela left home at 13. Now she advises ultra-high net worth clients as a Private Wealth Advisor in New York.

41 years

is the average age of our employees


are Traditionalists or Baby Boomers (born before 1965)


are Generation X (born between 1965 and 1980)


are Generation Y (born 1981 or later)


of our employees are women


of our employees work part time

32 employee networks

exist across the firm, with more than 18,500 members representing affinities such as gender, culture, life stage, disability and sexual orientation.

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