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UBS International Pension Gap Index

The UBS International Pension Gap Index reviews the mandatory pension systems of 12 countries worldwide. We conclude that private savings are crucial for retirement no matter where in the world you live.

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How should investors play China’s Party Congress?

Chinese shares have enjoyed a strong run-up to this week’s 19th Party Congress. They have risen 49% this year, their best performance since 2009. Now, as President Xi Jinping prepares to unveil a new lineup of top leaders and policy priorities at the five-yearly Congress, market consensus suggests investors expect a less supportive policy backdrop in coming quarters.

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Dealing with disaster

Interest in survivalism has soared in recent years. Whether driven by concern over social unrest, climate change, financial collapse, killer robots, superbugs, or World War III, more and more people are preparing for the very worst. Bomb shelter sales are up; there are multi-year waiting lists for safety deposit boxes; and tech billionaires are buying property in New Zealand

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UBS Global Real Estate Bubble Index

The UBS Global Real Estate Bubble Index is designed to track the risk of housing bubbles in global financial centers. Toronto tops our list in 2017.

Business with impact

We offer corporations a five step practical guide on how adopt a "business with impact" approach that focuses on both financial and social return generation as core objectives of operations.

Africa – Cradle  of Diversity

As the second-largest and second-most populous continent after Asia, Africa is home to 54 sovereign nations with unrivaled social, cultural, ecological and economic diversity. We shed a spotlight on how and where to invest in Africa.

Global risk radar: The end of central bank easing

With several major central banks set to reduce monetary policy support, we elaborate on the potential market consequences of an end to unprecedented monetary easing.

Insurtech: Shifting Asia

Insurtech, short for insurance technology, can transform how we buy insurance, how policies are priced, and how claims are made in the next five to ten years. We take an in-depth look at how this could be a game changer for Asia's insurers.

Navigating the futures

We explore how the world might respond to observable trends, such as advance in robotics and the retreat in globalization, and imagine four "Futures" that could determine the shape of portfolios to come.

Millennials – the global guardians of capital

In this report, we discuss why millennials matter, unpick some commonly held beliefs, and show how their habits will play a pivotal role in the way the world spends its private wealth.

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