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Long-term investment themes Explore a world impacted by the mega trends

Long-term investment themes

Mass transit rail

3 May 2017

Rapid urbanization will strain mass transit systems, providing opportunities for infrastructure investment over the long term.


28 April 2017

Advances in cancer therapeutics will create new multi-billion dollar opportunities for successful drugs.

Clean air and carbon reduction

13 April 2017

Rising populations and urbanization are fueling the need for clean-air technologies. Solution providers targeting emissions reductions stand to benefit.

Medical devices

7 April 2017

The medical device industry has matured but opportunities exist for increased penetration in Emerging markets where affordability is on the rise.

Water scarcity

5 April 2017

Water scarcity is one of the biggest risks to mankind. If limited water resources can be better harnessed, the benefits could be enormous.

Emerging market healthcare

28 March 2017

An aging EM population requires stepped-up investment in healthcare. We believe global healthcare companies can benefit.

Education services

28 March 2017

With limits to many governments’ education resources, there is increased opportunity for the private education market.

Agricultural yield

27 March 2017

The world faces a growing food production crisis as the global population increases. Companies that help to boost agricultural yields stand to benefit.

Retirement planning

21 March 2017

Changing demographics are increasing demand for retirement planning, benefiting wealth and asset managers.


13 March 2017

Urbanization and rising per-capita GDP in EMs will contribute to an ever-greater prevalence of global obesity.

Waste management and recycling

27 February 2017

Low waste treatment rates in emerging markets offer big catch-up potential that could lead to extraordinary growth rates.

Emerging market infrastructure

18 February 2017

Growing urbanization and high economic growth rates will drive demand for infrastructure investment in EMs.

Retirement homes

10 February 2017

A larger population of seniors and evolving social trends support opportunity in retirement homes investment.

Automation and Robotics

3 February 2017

A fourth industrial revolution is underway, which we believe will transform the future of manufacturing.

Security and safety

18 January 2017

Growing trends such as urbanization, digital data growth, and increased regulation support demand for security and safety.

Energy efficiency

22 November 2016

Stricter regulation and corporate competition to improve product efficiency are driving demand for energy-efficiency solutions.