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Millennials – the global guardians of capital At the intersection of tech and wealth

22 June 2017 | Tags: Millennials, Sustainable Investing

In this report, we discuss why millennials matter, unpick some commonly held beliefs, and show how their habits will play a pivotal role in the way the world spends its private wealth.


Who are the millennials and why do they matter

A lot has been written about this generation and, as a result, many widespread assumptions persist. We challenge these commonly held views and explain why it's important to understand millennials' behavior and preferences.


Quiz: Do you know millennials?


What shapes their perspective


Millennials drive technological change and other generations follow

As the first generation to grow up in smartphone-connected, technology-rich households, millennials have been leading and driving the use of digital solutions. But the appeal of extreme automation and connectivity is universal. People of all ages are increasingly drawn to open, information-sharing infrastructure that conveniently connects users to varied, tailored content. As other generations catch up, digitally-powered platform-companies look set to become the new norm.


Millennials can lead the use of private wealth for public good

Demand for sustainable investment and innovative solutions for social problems has grown across all generations. But it is millennials, with their access to future capital and quick adoption of technology, who can drive the use of private wealth for public good and push for development of progressive solutions and purposeful projects. The more wealth managers understand this transformation, the better positioned will they be to play a critical role within it.


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