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UBS Mobile Services Notifications Stay up-to-minute with your bank account activity

Get notices by e-mail or SMS whenever
  • the account balance exceeds or falls below a certain amount
  • a credit or debit is booked on your account that exceeds an amount defined by you
  • a debit takes place on your credit or prepaid card that exceeds an amount specified by you
  • a payment is made to your card account
  • an available amount on your credit or prepaid card falls below the value specified by you
  • the status of entered securities trading orders changes
  • payments cannot be effected
  • payments are blocked because there is no second signature or because a payment was not approved
  • there are incorrect payments or beneficiaries requiring confirmation when using payment software (data transfer)
  • you have received messages from your advisor or e-documents
  • limits that you defined in your virtual portfolios in UBS Quotes are reached
  • bonds or derivatives mature soon
  • there is KeyNews about the topics "FX Europe", "Equity Europe" or "Fixed Income Europe"


Instructions and requirements

Requirements and security

UBS Mobile Services are available to all clients domiciled in one of the following countries:

List of supported countries of domicile(PDF, 179 KB) (PDF, 179 KB)

To use the notification function, you need to have access to UBS e-banking in Switzerland or UBS Quotes. If you would like to get information about your private credit or prepaid cards, you must register in UBS e-banking in the "Cards" section for Cards Online.

All of the data transmitted via e-mail or SMS as part of the notification function is anonymized. Therefore, no account or card numbers or names will be displayed.


Notification via SMS or e-mail can be activated

  • in UBS e-banking under "Settings > Mobile Services > Notifications"
  • in UBS Quotes under "Settings/Info > Notification"

The following instructions show you how to proceed, step by step, along with important details:

Instructions for UBS Mobile Services

Note for corporate and institutional banking clients:

If you have an individual power of disposal for UBS e-banking, you can directly activate UBS Mobile Services. Otherwise, before activating you will have to apply for the corresponding access authorization from your UBS advisor. Information on credit cards is only available to private clients.

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