Mobile services

SMS inquiries

Send an SMS code to UBS and the desired information will be sent back to you via SMS.

Find out easily and specifically

  • the current balances of your accounts or custody accounts
  • the most recent account or custody account transactions
  • the remaining limit or the last two postings to your UBS credit or prepaid card
  • current information about individual financial instruments, exchange rates, indices or your virtual portfolios

Making SMS inquiries

In all cases, send an SMS to the phone number 827 (when abroad, send it to +44 778 1488 827) with the following message texts.

Balance of an account or custody account (alias):

  • S alias (example: S private or S assets)

Balances of all accounts and custody accounts that have been grouped together:

  •  S

Account (alias) transactions:

  • T alias (example: T private or T saving)

Remaining limit on a credit or prepaid card:

  •  CL (Card Limit) and the last four digits of the card number or the specified alias (example: CL 1234)

Last two postings on a credit or prepaid card:

  • CT (Card Transactions) and the last four digits of the card number or the specified alias (example: CT 1234).

Financial instruments (symbol/security/ISIN):

  • Q UBSN or Q 2489948

More financial instruments:

  • Q UBSN 1205604

Exchange rates:

  •  Q EUR/CHF

Currency calculator:

  • Q EUR/CHF 277


  • Q Switzerland or Q Europe or Q USA or Q Asia

Virtual portfolios:

  • Q portfolioname


  • Q metal or Q fxrates or Q interest

Request help:

  • Q help

Instructions and requirements

Requirements and security

UBS Mobile Services are available to all clients domiciled in one of the following countries:

List of supported countries of domicile(PDF, 179 KB) (PDF, 179 KB)

To use the SMS inquiry function, you need to have access to UBS e-banking in Switzerland or UBS Quotes. If you would like to get information about your private credit or prepaid cards, you must register in UBS e-banking in the "Cards" section for Cards Online.

All data sent as part of the SMS inquiry function are anonymized. Therefore, no account or card numbers or names will be displayed.


The SMS inquiry function can be activated

  • for account, custody account, credit card and prepaid card information in UBS e-banking under "Settings > Mobile Services > SMS inquiries"
  • for market data information in UBS Quotes under "Settings/Info > Notification"

The following instructions show you how to proceed, step by step, along with important details:

Instructions for UBS Mobile Services

Note for corporate and institutional banking clients:

If you have an individual power of disposal for UBS e-banking, you can directly activate UBS Mobile Services. Otherwise, before activating you will have to apply for the corresponding access authorization from your UBS advisor. Information on credit cards is only available to private clients.

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