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Global Real Estate Bubble Index

The UBS Global Real Estate Bubble Index is designed to track the risk of housing bubbles in global financial centers. Toronto tops our list in 2017.

Mobilizing private wealth for public good

In its white paper for the World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting in Davos, UBS unveils a blueprint for channeling private wealth towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) - one aspect of the WEF’s Annual Meeting theme "responsive and responsible leadership".

The end of progress?

Throughout time, we have used progress as a marker of success. But with rapid disruption in politics and markets worldwide, are we accelerating towards the beginning of the end?

Where do the Trump trades stand?

Donald Trump’s election last year gave rise to a number of so-called “Trump trades” – investment positions taken by many in the market in the hope of benefiting from his policy agenda of protectionism, tax cuts, healthcare overhaul, infrastructure spending, and less business regulation.


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Wealth Insights 2018

Join us at the next Wealth Insights Forum in January 2018.

Corporate health: The changing roles of companies

Supporting employee health is a sustainability challenge that many companies are facing today. We discuss the evolving business case for employee health programs and consider regional trends shaping corporate health in different parts of the world.

Is your cash blowing away?

A well-diversified portfolio, in line with your investment goals and risk appetite, is the key to success. We are too often over-allocated to cash. "Cash is not king" – consider proper cash allocations to meet your long-term goals.

I lost my job to a robot

Will our livelihoods be threatened by unchecked AI? Or will it unlock the time to pursue personal development? Dr Danushka Bollegala examines automation in the workplace.

Digital distraction

Humanity is on the cusp of a technological revolution that will help it to win the fight against the forces of digital distraction that are robbing us of our most precious commodity – time.

The quest for eternal life: Right or wrong?

Silicon Valley is on a quest to transform us into super-humans. But are we ready to live forever?

The changing face of wealth

The face of wealth is evolving and women now hold 30% of private wealth*, but they tell us the industry doesn’t understand their values, needs and goals. It’s clearly time for change.

Gender-Lens Wealth

Achieving gender equality and female empowerment is one of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030. Yet, according to a recent World Economic Forum report, basic global gender gaps could take 83 years to close. What can investors do?

How wealthy are you?

Lily Cole explores the merits of social altruism and free labour in the millennial age, using her Impossible.com social network as an example of a commerce-free online community based around free services and advice.

Time and tide wait for no economist

Time is a finite resource – how can we distribute it fairly?

The millionaire castaway who lives off the clock

What is it like surviving solo on a remote island? Meet David Glasheen, the retired businessman taking time out.

Business with Impact

We offer corporations a five step practical guide on how to adopt a "business with impact" approach that focuses on both financial and social return generation as core objectives of operations.

Emerging Markets

Prosperity beyond oil

The Middle East has experienced rapid growth and wealth creation in recent decades due to energy exports. While the region has navigated the cyclical ups and downs of energy prices in the past, never before has the supremacy of crude oil as the world’s main energy source been as challenged as today.

Shifting Asia – Insurtech

The emergence of insurtech is set to transform Asia's relationship with insurance.

The end game quiz

Do you have what it takes to rule a country?

Play our end game quiz that puts you into the shoes of an all-commanding leader.

This game is available in English, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

The fourth industrial revolution

Humanity's impact and influence on our planet is undeniable.

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