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UBS Unique - Women

How can I best plan my financial life? How can I keep my living standards unchanged in the future? How to assure the wealth of my loved ones?

Find out how to answer these questions by joining in on of the next exclusive women's events organized by UBS.

Total Wealth

What are the right questions to ask ourselves? How to answer them, in order to face our future and choose the life we ​​want?

Discover UBS Wealth Planning Advice, the 360-degree consulting approach that looks at all aspects of your heritage, to plan the tomorrow, addressing today's uncertainties.




17th May

Get to know us

To get to know you and your financial needs, it's important to ask the right questions.

Together we can find the answers, and help protect and grow your wealth over time.




31st May

House View - The long stock market anticyclone

UBS House View - The long stock market anticyclone

How is the balance between societies, economies and politics changing? How will the election results change things? How will this affect investors?

The challenges are increasing for private investors who, more than ever, need to assess possible investment scenarios.

In a series of meetings, Matteo Ramenghi, Chief Investment Officer of UBS Wealth Management in Italy, will present the UBS investment strategy for the coming months.




22nd May


4th June