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UBS Unique

Women tell us that financial industry doesn’t understand their values, needs and goals.

Our response is UBS Unique through which we want to catalyze a long-term change in the industry to better serve women and enable them to make the most of their wealth by improving their financial confidence.

Millennials – the global guardians of capital

In this report, we discuss why millennials matter, unpick some commonly held beliefs, and show how their habits will play a pivotal role in the way the world spends its private wealth.

The end of progress?

Throughout time, we have used progress as a marker of success. But with rapid disruption in politics and markets worldwide, are we accelerating towards the beginning of the end?


Our awards recognize our success in helping clients achieve their goals, and supporting our people and the communities where we live and work.

In 2017, UBS regained Euromoney’s 'Best Global Private Bank' title in Monaco and worldwide*. We also came first in 44 additional award categories.

* Euromoney Private Banking Survey 2017