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For 20 years our team has been implementing sustainable portfolio solutions for investors across the globe. Backed by our distinguished expertise and a diverse research platform, we have a solution to meet your investment goals, while focusing on the impact to society and the environment.

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Up in the air on carbon: How investors can leverage carbon data

Much of the investment industry has begun incorporating carbon emissions data into investment decisions, but the way forward is complex and requires analysis that goes beyond standard carbon emissions data.


Measuring the social and environmental impact of public companies

Investors want to know how they can contribute to a sustainable world. UBS Asset Management's research on impact measurement is at the forefront of modern day sustainable investing. In partnership with leading scientists from academia and a large pension plan, we are developing methodologies to bring to light how global companies are helping to create a more sustainable world, and thereby helping scale-up impact investing.

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Stranded assets: What lies beneath

As evidence of climate change mounts, investors are considering the argument that fossil fuel reserves cannot be safely burned without triggering runaway global warming - the stranded assets hypothesis. Dr. Dinah Koehler and Bruno Bertocci of the UBS Sustainable Investors team led an in-depth study on stranded assets.


Climate change: A risk to the global middle class

Dinah Koehler, Head of Research for the Sustainable Equities team and Paul Donovan, Global Economist at UBS Investment Bank, assess the economic implications of climate change on the world's middle class.


A revolution in equity investing - A deeper dive into nonfinancial data

Equity investing and security analysis are undergoing a paradigm shift toward a sharper focus on evaluating intangible assets. In parallel, sustainable investing is transforming from an investment approach heavily reliant on exclusionary screens and haunted by questions about underperformance, toward identifying outperforming companies using an extended mosaic of nonfinancial data.

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