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PACE select funds

PACESM Select Advisors

PACE Select Advisors is a comprehensive consulting solution using mutual fund portfolios. Each portfolio represents a distinct investment style and is subadvised by one or more top-tier investment advisors. PACE Select Funds are designed for investors seeking broad asset allocation, diversification and automatic rebalancing.*

PACE® International Equity Investments

PACE® Small/Medium Co Growth Equity Investments

PACE® Small/Medium Co Value Equity Investments

PACE® Large Co Growth Equity Investments

PACE® Large Co Value Equity Investments

PACE® International Emerging Markets Equity Investments

PACE® Global Real Estate Securities Investments

PACE® Municipal Fixed Income Investments

PACE® Strategic Fixed Income Investments

PACE® Intermediate Fixed Income Investments

PACE® Mortgage-Backed Securities Fixed Income Investments

PACE® Global Fixed Income Investments

PACE® High Yield Investments

PACE Funds

Mutual funds are sold by summary prospectus or prospectus, which include more complete information on risks, charges, expenses and other matters of interest. Investors should read the summary prospectus and prospectus carefully before investing.

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