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A new quarterly institutional investment publication that covers our market views, asset allocation and positioning across asset classes.

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A quality indexing approach: Research, innovation, efficient implementation

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Up in the air on carbon: How investors can leverage carbon data

Much of the investment industry has begun incorporating carbon emissions data into investment decisions, but the way forward is complex and requires analysis that goes beyond standard carbon emissions data.

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Chinese equities: Over the great wall

The UBS Emerging Markets and Asia Pacific Equities team explore China’s debt and growth woes that are obscuring opportunities in new-economy Chinese equities.


Measuring the social and environmental impact of public companies

Investors want to know how they can contribute to a sustainable world. UBS Asset Management's research on impact measurement is at the forefront of modern day sustainable investing.

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Riding a new wave - Emerging markets: The new normal

The 'New Normal' of low long-term bond yields and a flat yield curve is forcing investors to search for new investments.

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Panorama mid-year: The reflation debate

Is the global reflation investment theme over? Senior members of our investment teams across both traditional and alternative asset classes wade into the debate.

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Global Perspectives

The Multi Asset investment team examines recent market events and our investment outlook across asset classes.

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Macro monthly

Erin Browne, Head of Macro Investments for O’Connor, examines key macro trends that are moving global markets.