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Panorama mid-year: The reflation debate

Is the global reflation investment theme over? Senior members of our investment teams across both traditional and alternative asset classes wade into the debate.

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Stranded assets: What lies beneath

As evidence of climate change mounts, investors are considering the stranded assets hypothesis, which argues that fossil fuel reserves cannot be safely burned without triggering runaway global warming. Dr. Dinah Koehler and Bruno Bertocci of the UBS Sustainable Investors team led an in-depth study on stranded assets.


Measuring the social and environmental impact of public companies

Investors want to know how they can contribute to a sustainable world. UBS Asset Management's research on impact measurement is at the forefront of modern day sustainable investing.

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Beyond going green

Investing with impact, or sustainable investing, is an idea that is gaining more attention in investment markets. We believe both institutional and individual investors are coming to understand that companies embracing sustainable business practices can outperform those that don't.

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Global Perspectives

The Multi Asset investment team examines recent market events and our investment outlook across asset classes.

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Macro monthly

Erin Browne, Head of Macro Investments for O’Connor, examines key macro trends that are moving global markets.

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Quarterly Investment Strategy

A quarterly collection of articles that highlight our market views and positioning across asset classes.

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